My name is Ellise and I live in a box where I drown in books and cat hair. I would also inject coffee in my veins if I could. Every Saturday, I facilitate writing workshops for The Toronto Writers Collective at an amazing organization that houses and helps people with mental health issues integrate back into society after hospitalization. My work has been published in numerous online magazines and this is where you will find some of them :) !  


I am in recovery; I am ferociously in love with everything - comics, books, art, movies and anybody who can sing with me in public. Unfortunately, I am also in love with lugubriousness.  Having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD (and a sprinkle of ADHD), writing and art became the weapons that fought for my sanity. The Junkie Doodles are a collection of these creations born from madness, angst and suicidal thoughts. It's what I call my poetry, short stories, paintings and sketches. They are a testament and witness of my identity, and my goal is that people find power in them, the way that I did when I needed it most.

I hope you enjoy.